Hosting Info

Here a some info about our third-party hosting, who can use it,
and how we moderate content on it.

What is this and why?
Some people do not have the means to host their own websites. In that case I have decided to take over that cost and effort for them.
Some people, mostly friends and acquaintances, can request me to host or even make a website for them and put it up here. No unique domain, but at least it's on the internet.

Do your support the messages of what is hosted?
No. Obviously I look out for what I am putting on here, some things just will not make the cut due to biases or law.
Note that I take responsibility for what is on this site, I thus will refrain from hosting any content that may be illegal in Germany.
That, as well as my personal (sometimes subconscious) biases aside however, not everything that is hosted on here I agree with, fully or even in part.
I'm willing to give oppositional opinions and voices a platform as long as they are within the bounds of the law and not fundamentally opposed to my values.

Who is reponsible for the content on the sites?
On sites listed as "Hosted Websites" it is a third party. I upload or write what I am told to, all I check for is if it's compliant with German law on primarily: copyright, hate speech, commercial internet activity, and illegal symbolism.

Can I host something on here?
This is a service I mainly provide for friends and acquaintances as well as their friends and acquaintances, however, you can contact me on discord (JonahF2014#1089) and I may consider hosting your stuff after some conversation.