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Here some information on this website,
it's origin, and it's purpose

This is a website for the discord server "Le epic sevrer". It's owned by JonahF2014 and, besides providing a small website for his discord server/ network, acts as a network of different websites/ sub pages and projects of him and his friends. Basically, just a hub for many different internet presences for many different things.

Le epic sevrer and this website are run by JonahF2014, just another random person on the internet who's intereted in all kinds of stuff. If you wish you can check out my carrd: jonahf2014.carrd.co.
You can contact me (unless you are the government) on discord (JonahF2014#1089) or via email (contact@leepicsevrer.eu). I'm always open to talk and for questions (via discord).

This website hosts multiple different projects and sub pages, most of them very unrelated to the discord server, although they sometimes link back to it. (Since yk, my projects line up with my interests and my discord server mainly consists of my interests).
Most of these projects/ pages were naturally created by me, although there may sometimes also be ones that were created by others (mainly my friends). If they aren't mine, they may be labeled as such in the list on the 'websites' page.

Maps, flags, politics, history, geography, memes, religion, and much more; but most importantly, community building. The server has lead to quite a few friendships and being able to find new people of similar interests is always nice, thus the server also consists of many offtopic conversations.

Yes, you can learn more and join it under the 'Minecraft' link on the main page.

No. We do not track our visitors (except for the visitor counter present on most sites, which is anonymous). We do not use cookies on any page.
Many pages however do use embeds from sites such as youtube (but never Facebook), if this is something you don't want then leave this site, there is no option to turn it off.
This is a simply html web presence with little to no other code involved.

I'm incredebly sorry if there is an issue with copyright or something similar, please contact me under jonahf2014m@gmail.com and I'll resolve the issue as soon as possible.

While I'm German and speak German, most of the things I do on the internet are catered towards an international/ English-speaking audience. Some pages here might be in German but that is not the norm.

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